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In Lokal Kitchen, I invite my favorite chefs to share an unforgettable experience in my kitchen. An intimate dinner defines their cuisine and an opportunity for Miami foodies to enjoy, laugh and eat. Eat well!

This space was designed with tender loving care. A home away from home. Located in Wynwood, Lokal Kitchen offers a private area with a unique gastronomic experience. Our custom-made walnut tables have room for 30 guests, allowing an intimate setting for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The concept behind Lokal Kitchen is to create a unique interaction between the Chefs and the guests. An encounter you usually wouldn’t have at a restaurant. The chef will prepare a Five (5) course meal with wine pairing.

People can reserve just one seat and share with another guest; they can also reserve just one table.
Reserve the whole space for a private event.

2700 N.Miami ave apt 308 miami fl 33127


Lokal Kitchen

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Reservations must be made 1 to 15 days in advance. After checking availability, the reservation is made with electronic transfer or bank deposit.

It’s a surprise menu, that means it is revealed only upon arrival. If there are allergies or beliefs that prevent eating certain ingredients, they should be reported on the reservation form.

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